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Dr. Brianna Albright, COAC Certified

Certified Animal Chiropractor

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Animal chiropractic involves gentle mobilization of the spinal joints and extremities to restore proper biomechanics and nervous system function in your pet. Whether your pet is athletic or geriatric, chiropractic care may help to reduce pain, promote optimal function of the musculoskeletal system and enhance performance and quality of life. Dr. Albright most commonly works on dogs and horses. Much like chiropractic care for humans, your pet can benefit from chiropractic adjustments to keep them healthy and well throughout their life.

Would your horse or dog benefit from chiropractic care?


Chiropractic benefits pets with both acute injuries and chronic conditions. Your pet may benefit from chiropractic if you notice any of the following:

  • Your pet has difficulty rising from a lying down position or from sitting to standing

  • Your pet has muscle stiffness or weakness

  • Injuries/trauma/car accidents/falls

  • Shaking/tremors in the limbs or the body

  • Mobility and gait abnormalities

  • Different posture i.e. hunched, sitting on one hip rather than squarely

  • Decreased athletic performance

  • Changes in mood, attitude or behaviour


Pet owners report the following benefits and changes in their animals after animal chiropractic care:

  • Less pain medications

  • Pet is more comfortable and happy

  • Improved mobility and gait and more playful

  • Improved bladder control

  • Improved athletic performance


Observation of the following signs can tell you when your horse is experiencing some discomfort:

  • Bucking on mounting or working under saddle

  • Change in performance, movement, attitude to work

  • Pain on spinal pressure

  • Refusing jumps, or jumping crooked

  • Difficulty collecting or bending

  • Being "girthy"

  • Resistance in transitions

  • Reluctance to accept a lead

  • Head shy​

What to expect on a first visit:


Dr. Albright will go through a complete health history with you about your animal followed by a physical examination that may include gait, palpations, muscle testing etc. Treatment usually commences on the first visit. At the end of the first visit stretches and exercises are often recommended.

If you are interested to learn more about animal chiropractic or think that your pet may benefit please call the clinic to make an appointment.

Nutrition Advisor

Consultante en nutrition

Judy Gray Oswick

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L'Orignal, ON

613-675-2823; 613-870-2257




Consultant Alimentaire

Viande Crue La Petite Patte

Marie-Piere Laniel & Suzie Labelle

Salon de Toilettage Toutounet

2827 route 148

Grenville-sur-la-Rouge, Qc



Pension, toilettage, obéissance, comportement, boutique, viande crue La Petite Patte, zoothérapie.




  • Antioxidant & Detoxifier

  • Immune system regulator

  • Protect against parasites

  • Helps with the process of shedding



  • Antioxydant et détoxifiant

  • Régulateur du système immunitaire

  • Protéger contre les parasites

  • Aide avec le processus de perte de cheveux


Available at: M & M Pet Grooming, 145 Main Street E, Hawkesbury

Disponible à: M & M Pet Grooming, 145, rue Main E, Hawkesbury

Provida Pet est une protéine de petit lait pour animaux qui promouvoit la santé optimale chez les animaux. Il est excellent aussi pour le control/élimination des parasites. Bref, Provida Pet fait un peu de tout pour garder vos chiens/chats en santé! Le tout est une formule naturel!


Voici une petite liste des bénéfices de Provida Pet:


• Santé du foie, du cœur et du cerveau

• Santé buccale; meilleure dentition

• Augmentation du niveau d’énergie et de vitalité

• Élimination des parasites nocifs

• Création des tissus connectifs

• Digestion, système digestif

• Régulation du système immunitaire

• Contrôle du poids

• Réduction des odeurs

• Une mobilité plus accrue chez les animaux plus âgés

Pet Provida is a whey protein isolate which promotes optimal health in all animals. It is also excellent for the control/elimination of parasites. In short, Provida Pet does a bit of everything to keep your dogs and cats healthy and happy! The whole is a natural formula!


Here's a list of the benefits of Provida Pet:


• Liver Health, heart and brain

• Oral Health

• Increased level of energy and vitality

• Eliminate harmful parasites

• Creation connective tissue

• Digestion, digestive system

• Regulation of the immune system

• Weight control

• Odor Reduction

• A greater mobility in older animals